Happykindlove is about happiness, kindness and love in every aspect. I will write and talk about everything that has to do with these three important words and if it makes one reader or viewer happier for just five minutes it is already a success and absolutely worth it. My goal is to share the happiness with you! My very private career and my emigration to the United States will find their place here as well. I'm curious where life will take me and I keep you posted.

Lots of love, Sarah
(tv host / journalist / mother / vegan)
About me
I am Sarah. This "about me" section makes me think. Who am I actually? Of course, there are some facts: Born and raised in Essen, Germany. Thirteen years Waldorfschule. Spending my twenties in Cologne, trying to become an adult. Did some internships at TV stations, studied fashion design. Worked as a costume-designer, fitness-instructor, editor, actress and TV host. Moved to Los Angeles and found love and happiness. Ok, these are the facts, is that enough for this section. I don't know, actually not but I leave it like that for today. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me ;-)




H: 5‘2“ – 112 lbs – Hair: Brown – Eyes: Dark Brown

SPAM DELUXE (daily live TV-Show), Host, Dir. Silke Reiners / GIGA, NBC Universal
DISHED TV (weekly TV-Show), Host, Dir. Tim Feldner / dished media
VIGOZONE (weekly TV-Show), Host, Dir. Alina Antonin / Nippes Yard Production
GIGA ISLAND (Summer Event), Host, Dir. Florian Kittlass / GIGA, NBC Universal

PLUS X AWARD, Host, Dir. Donat Brandt / GIGA, NBC Universal
E-SPORTS AWARD, Host, Dir. Robert Weiss / Turtle Entertainment
PLAY, Reporter, Dir. Silke Reiners / GIGA, NBC Universal


ALLES WAS ZÄHLT (All that matters), Guest, Dir. Andreas Stenschke / UFA Seriel Drama
VERBOTENE LIEBE (Forbidden love), Guest, Dir. Daniel Anderson / UFA Seriel Drama
BROKEN COMEDY, Supporting, Dir. Kai Ole Petersen / RedSeven Entertainment
GRANATEN WIE WIR (Grenades like us), Co-Star, Dir. Berny Abt / Hurricane
SWITCH RELOADED, Co-Star, Dir. Daniel Drechsel-Grau / Hurricane


WIND ÜBER BERLIN (Wind over Berlin), Lead, Dir. Martin Hawie / MH Production
CYAN, Lead, Dir. Martin Hawie / MH Production


ALL I WANT by JBN, Lead, Mercury Records / London


HAUS UND HOF IN HOLLYWOOD, Myself, Dir. Markus Meves / ZDF / Los Angeles
(House and yard in Hollywood)


Completed a two year training to become a TV editor and TV host.


Hosting: Marki Costello, Rob Nelson, Billy Kemp, Leo Quinones / Los Angeles, Steve Blame, Stephan Borg / Germany
Acting: Linda Bisesti / Los Angeles, Uwe John / Germany, Christoph Hilger / Germany
Singing: Helma Schwigat / Germany
Dancing: Marielle Büchel / Germany, Ulrich Roehm / Germany


Bilingual (English: advanced, German: native), dipl. fashion designer, dipl. fitness instructor. Horseback riding, (English and Western, advanced), kickboxing (beginner), dancing, singing, yoga.


Nominated as Best Lead Actress in a Short Film “Wind über Berlin” / Short Film Fest. Verden / Germany


Work Experience

Host / Editor
The Hollywood Talk, Los Angeles // Full-Time
dished media GmbH, Cologne // Freelance
Starfish LA, Los Angeles // Freelance
GIGA Digital Television GmbH, Cologne // Full-Time

Costume Designer / Stylist
VIVA Fernsehen GmbH, Cologne // Freelance & Full-Time


Mammi banana oat bars to help your milk

These easy and delicious banana oat bars are, of course, vegan and, therefore, without milk, but in case you are breast-feeding, they will help you with your milk supply because oats are great little breast-milk helpers. You can absolutely eat them when you are not breast-feeding, without becoming a mommy cow, no worries, they are good for everybody! The original recipe is from Dr. Fuhrman’s book “Eat to live”, I just changed it a tiny little bit.



Baby friendly vegan pesto

This is another baby friendly recipe, which means that you can prepare it whenever you have time and you can take multiple breaks during the preparation. You mommies know why that’s important. 😉
When I put my daughter to bed at 7pm I don’t always want to go straight in the kitchen to prepare dinner for my husband and me. I want to put my feed up, drink a tea (or a beer), catch up on my favorite TV show and relax for a moment until my man comes home. This pesto lets me do that, because it waits for me in the fridge. Just make a big glass of it and always have something ready to use. Make sure you clean the side of the glass and put a thin layer of olive oil on top of the pesto, that keeps it fresh longer.



Mommy’s rosemary potatoes

I am sorry that I have not blogged in a while, I was adjusting to my new role as a mother. It is wonderful but exhausting and the first month were very hard, I’m not gonna lie! It gets better from day to day and I’m deeply in love with my amazing daughter!  If you are a Mom you know, that the best recepies are the ones that do not need our full attention over a long time. My daughter for example just learned to roll over and I am constantly helping her back on her back. So I am running in and out of the kitchen while cooking. (more…)


Vegan Banana bread and laughing out loud.

Hello und guten Tag,

Today I wanna share an easy vegan banana bread recipe and a quick and easy tip for a happy day.

It actually goes in a long square cake form, also known as Kastenform, but I don’t have one so I put it in a round form with a hole in the middle and just double the recipe. (more…)


Enjoy the ride today!

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 6.51.02 PM
This “living in the moment” thing is easier said than done, but it is so important to practice it. I have the tendency to worry to much about the future instead of just trusting and enjoying life. If I’m in a situation that requires actually nothing else than happiness, like a date night with my husband, dinner with friends or just a free day at the beach I sometimes find myself ruining it by worrying about something that I can not even change at that moment. Let’s say for instance the financial situation I’m in, or the job that’s not right or something else that’s just not “perfect” in my life. Let’s be honest, there is always something if we start thinking about it… (more…)

Friends and carrot cake – Nr. 4 from “10 scientifically proven ways to make yourself happier.”

One of the most important things to live a happy life is to spend time with friends and family. Nr. 4 on the list of the 10-scientifically-proven-ways-to-make-yourself-happier says: 4. Spend time with friends and family – don’t regret it on your deathbed.

So, after you are done reading this, meet with somebody you love or at least call somebody you love. A very intelligent person once said to me “Sarah, you’re never gonna make great memories by sitting alone on your couch.” Even though I like sitting on my couch and watching TV, this person was right; I do not really remember a good moment doing that, but I remember great moments that I spent with my friends and family. (more…)


Kind vegan pasta salad

For me a part of being a good and kind person is living a vegan lifestyle. I am vegetarian for over twenty years and vegan for about four years. I do it for the animals, the people and the planet and on top of it, I feel great!

I get different responses to that, one very typical question is this one: “Do you think you can change the world with your behavior? It takes more people to do it, you’re not gonna change anything” (more…)

salad in bowl

If you feel grey, wear pink!

Sometimes, when we’re sad, we like to do things that actually makes it worse and make us even more sad. We listen to heartbreak songs and cry, we hide in our bed and don’t go outside, we don’t wanna see anybody, and if we have to leave the house, we put on grey or black clothes. All of that is fine for a reasonable amount of time, but when the day comes to get up again, we can help ourself with happy music, sunshine, friends and colors: (more…)

8. Plan a trip – but don’t take one – from “10 scientifically proven ways to make yourself happier.”

plan a trip--
When I first read that headline, I thought “How does that make sense? How can you be excited about something you will not actually do?” The headline was a little misleading, but what it means is that the happiness does not only come from taking the trip, but from all the hours, days, weeks or months of planning. When I grew up, I heard the saying “Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude” from my mom, a lot. It means “Anticipation is the greatest joy”. I did not really understand what she was trying to say because I was an impatient kid that wanted things to happen immediately. I was not happy to wait! But it’s proven. Planing something already makes us happy. Thinking about something great brings us joy. (more…)

Be sad to be happy

white roses2
I had not the best week, so it was hard for me to write about happiness. A beautiful person who was a very important part of my life, especially in my youth, passed away and that really hit me. I couldn’t be there to say goodbye and to support friends and family because the flights to Germany were just too expensive and so long that I would not even have made it to the reception. So I was sad all by myself. Well, of course with support of my boyfriend and friends over here in Los Angeles but far away from my family and friends in Germany. (more…)


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